"WOW, that's the biggest thing I've ever seen."

                    "Are you sure I can do this?"      

He was a little apprehensive at first, but before long he was up in the canopy looking down at us some 50 feet below.  He spent most of the day exploring the hundreds of branches and old abandoned squirrel nests,
as well as one very active nest (probably the very nest he fell out of just three months ago).  
Fortunately, nobody was home at the time.

After another hard day of exploring, one very tired squirrel joined us back on the porch for dinner.  

The next step was to move his nesting box from the release cage to the oak tree.  He came down from the upper branches to see what was going on and was crawling all over me and the house while I was at the top of the ladder installing it.    
He thanked us and as darkness fell, he went inside and turned out the light.

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