We are proud to announce another addition to our family.  
Introducing Rocket J. Squirrel.    
(Now all we need is a moose)


Rocky fell out of his nest in our oak tree the morning of August 3rd 2000 and our cat Shadow brought him onto the back porch for medical attention. We're feeding him goat's milk with an eye dropper until the special squirrel formula arrives and he's been sleeping on a heating pad to keep his body temperature up. Near as we can tell, he's only 2 weeks old and his eyes won't open for another 3 weeks. He has a bruised right forepaw and a small puncture wound on his butt from where Shad the cat squeezed just a little too hard. He received antibiotic for the bite. Right now we're scrambling, trying to learn all we can about baby squirrels.


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