Rockey has outgrown his cardboard box, so a few days ago we built his first cage and he's still getting used to it.  It has a large pecan branch, a smaller dogwood branch, his nesting box, a hammock  and a mirror.  It's Labor Day weekend and he's  around seven weeks old now.  He's a little less wobbly but still can't climb the tree branches in his cage very well.  He can climb up the big pecan branch but he can't even begin to climb the smaller dogwood branch.  Each day that passes he gets a little better.  He's sleeping less and playing more.  At feeding time he carries on like he hasn't eaten for days and won't ever get to eat again.  We're feeding him once every four hours now, which is a lot easier on us.  We're adding solid foods to his diet and we're mixing the formula up in larger batches and freezing it in 1 ounce servings in ice cube trays.  Now we only have to make the formula about once a week.  

We're still having to stimulate him to go potty, but he's going more and more on his own now.  
He still enjoys getting his face washed but we've discontinued the baby oil.  

He's really cuddly at this age.
We feel very fortunate to have
this opportunity to care for him.

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