Six Months Old, and all is well...  

At six months old, Rocky is feeling more at ease in the back yard.  Usually the other squirrels leave him alone, but if he gets too close they still chase him away.  He doesn't seem to be afraid of them and goes right back about his business.  He and the other squirrels stick to a pretty predictable schedule.  They're up a dawn and forage until late morning, sometimes almost till noon.  Then they disappear for their midday naps.  Late in the afternoon they reappear all blurry eyed, yawning and stretching.  They forage until after sunset and are, without exception, in bed by the time it gets dark. Shortly after his release he continued to eat a variety of nuts.  He would eat walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and brazil nuts in addition to acorns and pecans from the back yard. The longer he is on his own the more his diet mirrors the other squirrels. Nowadays his diet consists of pecans and acorns. Occasionally he will take another kind of nut from us but not very often.  

We have to be very cautious to avoid accidentally stepping on him.  One minute there will be no squirrels in sight and the next second he'll be there at your feet.  He is so quick and silent that you have to look every time you take a step.  You find yourself looking down a lot.  He plays like a kitten, rolling on his back and pushing with his hind feet.  He still loves to be tickled and get his belly rubbed and is as lovable as any pet can be but he is very much a wild animal that must be respected.  He has never bitten me, but his kitten-like love bites while playing have me convinced that I never want to be really bitten by a squirrel.  Anyone who has experienced a really hard bite never forgets it. These guys don't just bite "to the bone", they can bite "through the bone".   Ya gotta respect that.


He has all the curiosity of a cat and then some.  Anything new spooks him, but his curiosity gets the best of  him and he's just got to explore anything new.  One day he hopped into the Mercedes and was all over it, checking out every nook and cranny to see what was there.  Once he had made the complete tour he decided that there was nothing of any interest to squirrels in there and has not been back.

He still comes to us whenever we call and is always happy to see us






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