This is the most fun we've had in I can't remember when.  Rocky loves to play and scampers all over the place.  He's getting more and more agile every day.  We leave the doors of his cage open when we're in the room so he can explore.  His energy is matched only by his curiosity. He seems to be having as much fun as we are. He likes his hammock and sleeps there every night after spending a few minutes adjusting the covers so they're just right.  When he's out of the cage we have to keep an eye on him constantly because he's into EVERYTHING. 


Formula feeding has been cut back to once every six hours and he's eating more solid foods.
Twice a day we fix him a plate of veggies, nuts and a specially formulated hard food.  

And after a hard day of exploring
he gives a big yawn for the camera
and retires for the night.

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