CapmWoody Yacht Deliveries

CapmWoody offers a unique service to yacht owners who need to move their boat to another location but lack the time to sail the boat themselves.  Unlike other delivery services, we offer you the option of traveling with the delivery crew via the internet.


We can give the yacht owner constant updates of his or her boats progress throughout the delivery, including weather data, sailing conditions and photos or videos of anything interesting we might encounter along the way.  We can even produce a professional video of the trip suitable for viewing at yacht clubs, social gatherings or for broadcast.

Whether it's the sighting of a nuclear submarine, a historic Space Shuttle launch, or just another exquisite sunset on the water, you will be able to enjoy it too.

Limited vacation time cramping your cruising dreams?  Now you can go cruising even when you don't have time to go cruising.  Have your yacht delivered to your favorite cruising area so you can spend your time enjoying the cruising life, not shuttling boats back and forth .  Contact us now and lets discuss getting your boat to your next vacation.  

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