Gloucester, Mass to Clearwater Beach, Florida....
From ice and snow to scorching heat in 29 days


Welcome aboard for CapmWoody's first cruise of the millenium.  This cruise has it all.....spectacular sunsets, interesting ports-of-call, a pre-dawn space shuttle launch, gators off the starboard bow, fast sailing, too much motoring, good food, good company and lots of interesting cruising multihulls to look at along the way.  



Our vessel of choice for this adventure.....  The Maine Cat 30   

Gloucester to Stonington     Stonington to New York    Welcome to New Jersey    Cape May to Ocracoke  

 Ocrocoke to Charleston    Charleston    Charleston to St. Augustine   St. Augustine to Lake Okeechobee  

 Lake Okeechobee to Clearwater Beach      Back to CapmWoody Home Page